Hillsborough Half Training: Week 3

Total weekly mileage

Planned: 13.1
Actual: 13.7


I ran a 5k! My first since 2012; I guess I'm an endurance junkie after all (or cheap, 'cause I rationalize my race registrations by telling myself that longer distances have lower cost-per-mile ratios.) Race recap coming soon.

This week's workout: 6x400 @ 5k pace

Well, even though my legs were crazy tired and it was 90+ degrees out, I was still riding the new training plan motivation wave. This workout suffered from a convergence of typical Week 3 factors:

  1. It's early in the plan and my dreams are big! Motivation is high! I'm gonna get! all! my! runs! in! no! matter! what!
  2. Deep muscle fatigue hasn't set in yet, contributing to false sense of invincibility
  3. I'm still not in a training rhythm with gear etc.

All this means that I knew this would be a rough workout, but I'd be damned if I skipped it or rescheduled it. Not me! Not someone who is going to PR in October, like myself. I will be doing this workout, thank you very much.

My legs were very sore. It was very hot. But my watch beeped for the first 400 so I went for it. Somewhere around the second 400, I realized that I was way overshooting my "5k pace" because I couldn't fathom doing 4 more. In the third repeat, my watch died (nooooo!) and I admit that I felt some relief. I still pushed hard for the last 3 repeats, but I knew I was slowing and was glad I didn't have to see by how much.

Lessons learned:

  • If I'm going to run by feel, then I need to actually adjust my pace to what "feels like" 5k pace. The first two should not have felt so brutal!
  • Keep my damn watch charged!

Long run: N/A

No long run this week; my Hal Higdon plan scheduled this week as a cutback with just the one 5k this weekend (stay tuned for recap). Fine by me - I'm starting to feel exhausted (and hungry!), so I'm grateful for the extra rest.


No before-work runs this week. I slept through my running alarm on Tuesday, so I ran in the evening after I put the baby to bed. That created a cascade of evening runs - because it seemed silly to wake up and run again when I'd just run/taken a shower 12 hours earlier. Even though I loathe waking up earlier than I have to, running before work makes running way less burdensome on my family and preserves high-value evening free time, which can be spent doing anything: seeing friends, watching a movie, gardening, sewing, etc. Not gonna do any of that stuff at 5am. Goal for week 4: More morning runs.