Hillsborough Half Training: Week 4

Total weekly mileage:

Planned: 21
Actual: 24


Ya'll, look at me kill it this week! I managed to run five days this week - that is a first for this training cycle and also the most I've run in a week since 2015! I am thrilled! There were a few tough/blah runs, but I feel so energized!

This was made possible by our failed date on Friday night - we had tickets to a comedy show, which was canceled at the last minute. We tried to cancel our babysitter (a friend with whom we often trade babysitting) but she kindly insisted that she come over anyway so we could get out and do something, if even only for an hour. We decided to go for a run together (an incredibly rare treat) and ended our run with frozen yogurt. A win on all fronts! 

This week's workout: 35 minute tempo

I remain a bit scared of tempo workouts, which is probably why I "overslept" my morning running alarm and pushed it back to the evening. Of course, that only made things harder for me: That evening after work (before my run) we packed a little dinner and hiked with the baby to our favorite river spot. It was his first time actually "hiking" - not in the baby carrier! It was so amazing to see him step carefully over roots, inspect leaves and sticks, etc. There I ate an enormous Whole Foods sandwich, drank half a beer, and swam and splashed in the river. An hour or so later the baby was clean and in bed and reality hit: Time to run fast for 35 minutes, with dinner/beer still not settled in my stomach. During my almost-mile warmup, I felt so gross that I thought about rescheduling, but decided to forge on.

This was such an effort. I had a stitch in my side the whole time, and while my legs were turning over easily I couldn't get enough air. On paper this looks like such a crazy slow pace for a tempo workout, but that's where I'm at right now. According to McMillan, my 25:25 5k gives me a 8:26-8:40 range for tempo workouts, which is just about right for both this week's tempo and the first one I attempted two weeks ago.

Long run: 8.6 miles

I had seven miles on my schedule for this week, but I'm trying to build up a little quicker because I think it'll really help me to have run >=13 miles before actual race day. I was tired in the morning but managed to get out the door relatively quickly after drinking a smoothie and a coffee. My legs were sore for the first mile, but I warmed up quickly and settled into a chill pace, about 10:00, and listened to an audiobook (The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri). The miles flew by and I felt better and stronger the farther I went.


Speaking of audiobooks, did you know you can get audiobooks for free on your phone through your library? I'm using the Overdrive app and I love it. I never thought I was someone who could listen to a book, but my longish driving commute changed all of that. If you listen to podcasts, you can listen to a book -- you just need to make sure it's an audiobook-friendly book (for me, that means a plot-driven book with a good narrator).