Hillsborough Half Training: Week 2

Total weekly mileage:

Planned: 19
Actual: 19.1



  • I made it out once before work, which I consider a big win considering how rough some of our nights have been (molars, summer cold.)
  • On two different occasions I was tempted to cancel/reschedule runs because of schedule shifting, but both times I convinced myself to just do something, even if it isn't as long as I wanted. On Saturday that meant that my 5-6 miler became about 3.5 miles, and that my Sunday long run actually got done in full (!!) because I felt WAY less tired once I was moving.

This week's workout: 30 minute tempo

Somehow I completely lucked out and got ~70 degree weather on the morning I had a 30 minute tempo scheduled. Like last week's 400m repeats, I decided to run blind rather than try to figure out what my tempo pace should be. (Honestly, it's been like two years since I ran a tempo workout, so your guess is as good as mine.) If I had to guess, I would have said high 8 minute miles, since I almost never see those on my easy runs and it feels like I'm hustling when I am running anything faster than 9:30s. After a warm-up, my watch beeped and I went by sound for the rest of my workout. When I came home and synced my watch, I was glad that they clocked in (a little) faster than that:

Long run: 7.5 miles

I was pretty sore following my tempo run and had some shin pain that caused me to cut another short. So I saved my long run until the last minute on Sunday, which happened to be a 100+ degree day here. Awful - except that just as I was lacing up my shoes at dusk, the thunder rolled in and I got to run in the rain. It was still steamy, but way more bearable than if I had gone out in the morning. My shins felt okay!


  • Is it too early for runger to set in? I ate two breakfasts and two lunches today, and was still hungry. Ridiculous.