Hillsborough Half Training: Week 1

All right! Week one!

Total weekly mileage:

  • Planned: 17 miles
  • Actual: 17.6

The red line shows my planned mileage. I am using this graph as a dashboard this time around to help stay motivated. I want to see those blue bars hit the red line!


  • I got up early to run before work not just once, but twice. Ya'll, this is HUGE for me.
  • Because of schedule shuffling, I had a 5 miler on Saturday and a 6 miler on Sunday. That's a lot of mileage for me on a weekend and I'm pleased with how good I felt both days.
  • On Sunday night I played tennis with another mama friend, so I'm counting that as my cross-training for the week.

This week's workout: 4x400 @5k pace

This was actually supposed to be 5x400, but I wrote it down wrong - whoops. Oh well, four was plenty for me!

Going into this workout, I had no clue what "5k pace" is. I used the Workout function on my Garmin 310xt and just ran without looking at my pace or time. When I got home and synced my watch, I was super pleased to see these splits! Not a bad place to start, and I can't wait to see my repeats get faster.

"Long" run: 6 miles

It was a brutal 85 degrees before 8am over the weekend, but I got it done and even swung by the farmer's market to wave at my fam before circling back toward home.


  • Tweaking my plan: I have a habit of clicking over to my training plan throughout the day (anyone else? Just me?) and I'm starting to think the weekly long runs are a little slow to build up mileage. I'm thinking of adding some extra mileage on the weekends. Since this is a pretty low mileage training plan anyway, I think it'll be fine.

That's a wrap on Week 1! It feels so good to be training for a goal race again!