Race Recap: Running of the Bulls 8k

I've been wanting to run this race for years but the timing has just never worked out. But this year, I had no travel or a one-month old (!) so I was thrilled to get to line up for this hot hometown race.

The only other time I've raced an 8k was the Shamrock Shuffle in 2013, which I ran in 39:06 (7:39 pace), and I'm definitely not in shape to beat that time. I talked to a friend and learned she was planning to run it with the jogging stroller - what a good idea! We decided to run it for fun as a family.

This wound up being a perfect plan. The morning of, we got ourselves and the baby ready (no easy feat: The normal challenges, plus sunscreen & cool drinks are essential for an hour in the summer heat) and made our way to the start. We got there early and played in the grass. It was funny to line up in the back with the other jogging stroller folk and novelty runners - jogglers, ruckers, flag-carriers, and the like.

The race itself was a blast. I ran without a watch. The baby had a fine time watching the other runners around us. We kept up what felt like a brisk but comfortable pace. The course wound through some nice parts of Durham and ended on the old ball field. We finished in 49:21(9:55 pace).

Next up, I'm looking at about three more weeks of pre-training "training"/base-building before real half marathon training begins. I can't wait to get some of my speed back again!