Running keeps me honest

**talks on 2 phones at the same time**

**talks on 2 phones at the same time**

Checking in here again after a sort of unplanned's been super full lately, and I just didn't have the time/interest/enthusiasm to blog. But I'm here to report that after months of low enthusiasm and motivation for running, I'm feeling the itch to run and TRAIN again.

I've been thinking about how, every year, I go through a period of detraining where I don't run for months and months at a time. I'd probably have faster progress if I didn't do this every year, but man, I always reach a point where I am just done with running. So, with an indifferent shrug re: how this long break will affect my progress, I registered for the Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon on October 18.

At first running a fall half felt like a compromise (halfway between marathon and nothing) but now I'm fired up about it. I have some serious unfinished busness with this distance. Twice now I've set half marathon PRs in the middle of marathons. I still don't have my 1:4x half marathon time, even though I've run it as a 13.1 split mid-marathon. During three separate half marathon cycles, I've gotten injured and had to take over 2 weeks off from training each time (my first half, Hamptons 2012, and also Wisconsin 2013, and City of Oaks 2014).

I'm not expecting to PR at Bull City given my current fitness, the hilly course, and the fact that it's just 12 weeks away, but it's early enough that if things were going well I could try for a PR at a late fall half. Who knows? I want to see what will happen.

I'm putting together a half marathon training plan based on Runner's World's SmartCoach, which I used for my some of my very first training plans as a beginner. Since I'm starting with nothing, my weekly mileage is starting at 6 miles per week (that's not a typo) and goes up to like, 20. Maybe I will reach 30 if I completely disobey my plan and recommended mileage increase formulas. My first "training run" was yesterday -- 2 miles, and it was tough. Something I love about running: it keeps me honest, it doesn't give me a pass because I "used to" train hard.

Is anyone else running a half marathon this fall?