I'm clearing out my drafts folder. This is from about a month ago. We've been very private about this news, waiting (and waiting and waiting) to tell our IRL friends. Anyway, this is what I've been up to for the past six months or so.


I'm sitting around waiting for our car to be serviced, eating stale cookies and drinking a grainy decaf. If that's not the time to finally update this old blog after however many months of silence, then it'll probably never happen. So, hello!

I forget where I last left off. I think I was talking about beginning training for the Bull City Race Fest half marathon in October. Two days after returning from Europe I started a new, pretty demanding job in July (at a startup, with a long commute). I wasn't sure how much time I could/would really devote to training but it felt important to keep it up, if only on principle. July and August were all about figuring out my new routine and new job. No longer could I bike-commute to my own gloriously private office three miles from my house. Instead, I rode a bus for an hour to an "open office plan" space where I worked much more collaboratively, in a new & different industry (tech, rather than academia), with new people and new personalities to figure out. "Training" meant running about three days a week, which broke out to three miles twice a week, and a "long" run on the weekends of 6-7 miles. I eventually made it to ten about two weeks before the race.

Then, in September, we found out we are expecting a baby! I'm due in May, and feeling great so far. I kept up my"training" for the half marathon and ran it, mainly because I'd already paid for it.

I have a half-written race recap about that race. I finished in over 2:09, three minutes slower than my very first half marathon back in 2011. I loved the hilly course, the cool weather (30 degrees at the start) and I was thrilled with my time! But I knew it would be weird to say all of this without explaining why I was so happy with such a comparatively slow time. (I've had a long-standing beef with a sub-1:50 half marathon, and I've run every half marathon since 2013 with the intention to get a 1:4x!)

After the half marathon, I pretty much stopped running. This was because my favorite things about running I had to give up, because they would be a possible risk to the baby: long tempos, intervals, anything that makes me feel like I need to barf or die by the end got the thumbs-down from my midwife. I started practicing yoga and going for long walks instead, both of which were more in line with what made my body feel good. It's nice to focus on moving in a different way these days, but I can't wait to get back to hard workouts sometime in 2016.

Although I love hearing & reading about other people's pregnancies and especially reading very detailed birth stories, I don't see myself writing much, if anything, about pregnancy. I mean, I barely kept this thing up when I was training for something.

Who knows what I'll post in the coming months. If nothing else, I hope to be around next summer (or fall?) to share about returning to running after pregnancy.

Bye, for now!