Backpacking in Linville Gorge

I'm clearing out my drafts folder! This is from October 2015.


We were about a week early for peak foliage this year, but it was way better than that time we were too late. We went to Linville Gorge, notable climbing destination in North Carolina, sometimes referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East. (Is it just me, or is there something sort of sad about things that call themselves the [nationally or internationally-famous thing] of the [region]?)

Linville Gorge was amazing. It was one of my favorite places we've camped since moving here. It rained on the entire drive over on Saturday, and the road to the trailhead was actually closed due to construction, so we quickly modified our plans and went to a different trailhead. The trail, air, and foliage changed so dramatically during the 48ish hours we were there!