Tobacco Road Marathon Training: Week 6 of 16

On New Year's Day we woke up early and got on the train to New York. 

While there (Thursday - Monday), training totally went by the wayside. I got to see two of my good friends/bridesmaids, hang out, shop, see a show, and eat lots of the foods I miss, but I skipped my tempo run, my long run, and my two cross-training workouts. I did get in a gorgeous easy run on Sunday in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, with incredible views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. (Whatever, I'm a tourist now, kind of!) 

While running I kept Ellis Island in my range of vision and thought about my ancestors. I don't actually know if any of them came through Ellis Island (for complicated reasons, I know almost nothing about my family's past) but I suspect some did. I thought about what New York might have meant to them, and what it meant to me when I moved there back in 2008. And to what extent New York is all that it is billed to be, and to what extent it is a simulacrum that doesn't exist, and possibly hasn't ever existed. Every time I visit the city I wind up riding the subway back to wherever I'm staying and feeling a million feelings, including, most self-consciously, a sense of ridiculousness about how kitsch it all is.

The real definition of being a tourist, I think, is visiting places more for their symbolism than any more authentic kind of interest in the place. (Haven't you known those people who travel around the world, only to stay in the same Hilton or Marriott hotels, just to tramp around some monuments and then grab a Starbucks?) In my case, I have begun treating New York a little bit too much like a museum for my own memories.

Anyway, this is all out of the scope of my running blog! Let's get to the training, or lack of training.

On Tuesday I misread my 1200m paces as 6:54, not 6:45. The 6:54 pace felt doable but difficult; I corrected it for the second one and did it at 6:45, but wow, it felt WAY harder. At these faster paces, a few seconds makes a huge difference, effort-wise! The 800s were no big deal.

On Saturday my right hip was really killing me; I am beginning to worry that this is the start of a possible problem. I am not foam rolling, stretching, strength training, or anything responsible runners are supposed to do, so I guess I'm due for my comeuppance.

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 6.35 (2x1200 (5:02) with 2 min RI, 4x800 (3:34) with 2 min RI.
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Amtrak to NYC / missed tempo run / Unplanned rest day
  • Friday: Rest
  • Sunday: 6.08 easy miles

Total running miles: 12.43

Total training time: 1:53