Running in: Germany (Cologne and Bonn)

Cologne (Köln)

Cologne was our first stop in Germany from Paris. It was heavily bombed during WW2, so many of the old buildings were destroyed and replaced with modern buildings, all surrounding the Cologne Cathedral.

We planned a short run in the Innerer Grüngürtel (inner green belt), parts of which date back to the late 19th century. The park was full of people hanging out on the grass and at the beer garden, playing music, drinking, kicking it. Our destination was a beer garden in Volksgarten, another nearby park. 

Kolsch is a beer brewed only in Cologne (light, low alcohol, served in little glasses). It was the perfect post-run refreshment. 

I had been cooped up inside working all day, so I treated this as a short fartlek. Mostly I just started sprinting when I had a wave of energy, and jogged when I was tired again.

More Cologne:

You can't not see the Cologne Cathedral: it's adjacent to the train station and it is one of the tallest things in Cologne.

Mix of old and new.

Mix of old and new.

Spotless train tracks

Spotless train tracks


Bonn is a small town near Cologne. According to the guy we met on line at the market, there are no Americans in Bonn except for him. (He also claimed to have coach Michael Phelps, work for the State Department,  and rollerblade the 60 miles round-trip to Cologne and back, so I'm not sure he's reliable.)

(*Being an introvert makes me pretty well-suited to long-term travel, but I couldn't get over the abruptness of other Americans and English speakers wandering up to us with a hopeful, "You guys from the States?")

Bonn was around the halfway point of our trip (we had just gotten back from Amsterdam) and my toothache was driving me crazy -- so much so that I went to a dentist and asked him to just do the root canal, because I didn't think I could wait until I got home. I asked if they do IV sedation (my dream root canal situation), or if he could give me a Valium or something (no) or laughing gas (no, "in Germany we do only a shot" he explained.) He didn't wind up doing it after all, but at least I got a painkiller prescription re-up. 

Meanwhile, I was trying to knock out a work thing, so we didn't do as much walking/hanging out as we might have. 

Dentist and bretzel pretty much sum it up (and World Cup-watching).

And, I did go running:

It's a nice little run: Bonn is small, so it's easy to run through "downtown," through the Hofgarten, and down to the Rhine. Hofgarten (near the Unviersity of Bonn) was my favorite: it's big, shaded, and there is a little path around the garden that is wide and flat -- great for running laps. 

Hofgarten (via)

Hofgarten (via)