West Point on the Eno

I wish I could say I've been filling my non-running spare time with something awesome, but I've mostly just been working. A lot. And while it's been kind of nice to throw myself into my projects, I'm coming to appreciate the pressure of training as a way of force myself to leave the office at the end of the day ("Time to go, I have to get my run in.")

Lately I've had some combination of post-marathon blues, feeling pretty maxed out at work, and a horrible unrelenting headache I've had for a week (when I had three cavities filled). When I went back to the dentist today he said I may need to have a root canal, and that I definitely shouldn't put it off until after we get back in July. So I may or may not have my first root canal next week -- something so dreadful-sounding I couldn't not google it. (Which, by the way: What is wrong with Google's algorithm that Yahoo Answers is always one of the first results when googling for any kind of medical condition?)

The photos above are from a few weeks ago -- Some of our friends are moving to New York this summer and they gave us their North Carolina maps and guidebooks, and I'm slowly starting to explore the nearby trails.

I have only run a few times since my April 19 marathon, but on Saturday I got the urge to go for a run. It was the first time since the marathon that I actually wanted to be out running. I only went about 4 miles (and felt pretty out of shape) but I came home feeling giddy and excited to be back in my running shoes. But now it's Thursday, and I haven't run since. False alarm?