KDF Marathon Training Week 10 (8 weeks to go)

Last week started off strong, but fizzled out when I came down with a cold that I'm still fighting. I'm frustrated because I don't feel like my training is hitting a groove yet, even though the motivation is there. The bright side is that I got in my two key workouts (speed and long run), which ain't nothing, I guess.

Monday - Planned rest day

Tuesday - 5x800 @ 5k pace (5.8 miles)

Jamie did some sleuthing and learned that the track we'd been going to at 6am was open to all during the day -- as long as we didn't have to park there. Fortunately, the track is less than a mile from my office, so we met up outside my building for some lunchtime speedwork. After last week's easy-feeling 5x800 on the treadmill, I resolved to push it a little harder to see if I uncover more speed. It was there, and it was fun to run this fast!

My splits were 3:25, 3:27, 3:29, 3:31, 3:31 (6:54 - 7:03 pace). The first one killed and the rest hurt pretty hard, too.

Wednesday - 5.7 recovery miles

My legs felt like lead; I wasn't sure if I was "recovering" or making it worse.


Thursday - Riding

It was beautiful out, so I went straight to the farm after work and spent the whole evening there. Last week's snow and this week's rain meant that the fields were saturated and muddy. Hudson had covered himself in a layer of it, so he got baths before and after our workout. I fed, swept, and then cleaned tack and did a bunch of neglected barn chores before finally making myself leave.


Friday - Rest

I woke up feeling sick, but I thought I'd just ignore it and it would go away (science.) I took advantage of my flex working situation to try to run some errands, but a few hours out of my house knocked me flat, so I decided to hold off on running until tomorrow. Then I completely forgot I had dinner plans and plans to see a show that night. The dinner party ran long and we missed the show entirely. 

Saturday - Rest

I thought I might feel better on Saturday, but I woke up feeling worse than garbage. I made it to a work conference for a few hours before napping for the rest of the day (windows open, because it was gorgeous out.) I gave myself another day off, but carboloaded all day in anticipation of my LR the next day.

Sunday - Long run - 17 (9:20 pace)

At mile 3 I was sure I couldn't finish, and told myself "Three miles? That's great! You're almost done!" and had to laugh, because I usually don't resort to that kind of cheerleading until the last third of a long run. Somehow I was able to take it mile by mile like this until I hit 17. It probably did help that I had taken so many rest days. I'm really glad I managed to get this done.

Total: 28.5

It's just running, but still. I really wanted a big mileage week. Whatever. I'm skipping the self-pity. This week is a new week, so I'm going to try to kick this cold and give it another shot.