KDF Marathon Training Week 9 (9 weeks to go)

No speedwork here today.

No speedwork here today.

As everyone knows by now, the weather was weird all up and down the East coast this week.

I tried my best to protect my running schedule, but despite my efforts I couldn't get in all the running I wanted to. North Carolina shuts down when it snows.

This coming week was supposed to be a down week, but since the snowstorm means I had an unintentional lower-mileage week, I'll swap and try to get in more miles this week instead.


  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - 4.7 easy miles
  • Wednesday - Thwarted by a snow day/gym closed
  • Thursday - Thwarted by a snow day part II/gym still closed
  • Friday - 5.75: Another snow day but the gym opened, so I did some speedwork on the treadmill. 5x800 in about 7:24-7:30 pace (3:38, 3.39, 3:41, 3:41, 3:38) with 400m jogs. These felt too easy, so I'll try to crank it up next time. Afterward I met a friend for a lunch and noticed that the temperature had shot up to 60. Everyone was sitting outside, jackets off.
  • Saturday - 6 easy
  • Sunday - 13, average pace 9:35. I felt a little more tired than I would like, but I think it was probably residual speedwork fatigue.

Total: 29.6

I finally broke out the Saucony Mirage 3s the dudes at Fleet Feet Old Town in Chicago talked me into buying about a year ago. My current shoe rotation looks like this:

  • Brooks Ravenna 4: ~400 miles: Currently, my easy run/it's raining/muddy/gross shoe.
  • Brooks Adrenaline 12: ~275 miles. My NYCM marathon shoe. I'm still doing most of my long runs in these.
  • Saucony Guide 7: ~100 miles. My new favorites, and I'm hoping I can wear them for the marathon. I did my 15 miler in them last week and they were pretty 
  • Saucony Mirage 3: ~20 miles. These minimal-for-me shoes make me nervous, and my Achilles and calves were sore when I tried to run in them when I first bought them. For the first time in months I tried them again on Friday (for my 800s) and they were great. Now that I'm running regularly in an 8mm shoe (the Guide 7s), maybe I can wear these, which have a 4mm drop, once a week for speedwork or something without getting injured.

I know I should ignore sunk costs, but I can't help it. I can't bear the thought that I wasted $100 on a shoe I am not wearing.