Do not do this: KDF Marathon Training: Weeks 7 & 8 (10 weeks to go)

I already mentioned my abysmal week of training. Here are the details:

Week 7

  • Monday- Rest!
  • Tuesday - Rest!
  • Wednesday- Rest!
  • Thursday - Easy 5.25 miles
  • Friday - Rest!
  • Saturday - Pensacola Double Bridge 15k (9.3 miles @ GMP)
  • Sunday - Rest!

Total: 14.6 miles

Well, racing on Saturday really re-ignited my commitment to running, so as soon as I got home, I got to work.

Week 8

  • Monday- 3.75 miles (9:45 pace)
  • Tuesday - 7 miles (9:35 pace)
  • Wednesday- 7.5 miles (9:35 pace)
  • Thursday - Riding -- 1 hour of slushy, muddy flatwork.
  • Friday - 8.1 miles (9:15 pace)
  • Saturday - Rest!
  • Sunday - 15.1 miles (9:45 pace)

Total: 41.5 miles

A ton of slow miles this week. I felt tired-beyond-normal when I woke up on Sunday, even after a rest day -- a sure sign I had overdone it this week. Still, I forged ahead. That 15 miles felt like it would never end. I ran the first 10 with James on neighborhood hills, then another few miles around campus, followed by a long trudge alone on a flat greenway. My legs had turned to stone, but I was triumphant. I had finally put in an actual, serious week of training. 

Unrelated photo from today.

Unrelated photo from today.

Looking ahead at my training plan (google doc), I think it isn't too late to salvage what's left, as long as I don't get injured by my sudden uptick in miles. Column M is the change in weekly mileage from the previous week. As you can see, I increased my weekly miles by 185% last week. (Don't do this, obviously.)

As for this week, my running was thwarted today by the snowstorm, but hopefully the roads will be runnable tomorrow. Sending warm thoughts to everyone who is snowed in tonight.