Tobacco Road Marathon Training: Week 1 of 16

I'm going back to doing weekly training recaps for Tobacco Road training. 

  • Monday: Speedwork day. 3x1600 (7:24) with 400m RI.
    • So here's the thing. In the back of the Run Less, Run Faster book there is a training plan for people needing to finish under 3:35 to BQ. Awesome, I thought. This is for me. I plugged those paces into my spreadsheet and skipped off to the gym for my first workout, which was to do these three miles at 6:51 pace. Well, I made it through the first mile and thought, holy crap, this is not going to be easy. I attempted the second one but couldn't finish it; I had to stop just .15 from the end to put my head in between my knees and catch my breath. Lesson learned. I went home and re-calculated every single workout from my City of Oaks half time, like I should have to begin with.
  • Tuesday: Cross-training: About 5-6 miles on the bike, starting with a 10 minute warmup and alternating 2 easy minutes with 2 hard minutes, twice.
  • Wednesday: 6 miles with two at tempo pace (7:53). The gym was deserted and I was able to zone out. I like that on the treadmill, I can listen to podcasts off of my phone without having to actually carry my phone. During the tempo miles, I switched to music. 
  • Thursday - Friday:  Rest/Thanksgiving
  • Saturday: 13.64 mile long run. My future in-laws were staying with us for the holiday, so I saved my long run for the late afternoon, after they'd left. I had it in my head that I wanted to do two laps of Al Buehler, the cross-country course by campus. The first three miles I ran to get there were in the low 9's, but the hills on the trails are tough and I started seeing some 10's, a far cry from the 9:20 goal pace RLRF asked for. I ended feeling completely exhausted, which might have been because of running, but might also be from this cold I have had since early November and still haven't been able to kick. It was a gorgeous day and Tilly was great company.


  • Sunday:  Rest

Total running miles: 24.84 miles