Tobacco Road Marathon Training: Week 5 of 16

This was my third Christmas in Florida visiting James's family, but my first time running this fabulous, color-coded "trail" (made of pavement). It was a Christmas miracle!! There aren't many sidewalks where his family lives in Florida, so I was so excited to learn about this. It was great for faster running, too: I ran here for both my mile repeats and my tempo run this week. It's amazing how a "loop" of anything feels like it's about the same distance as any other loop, no matter how long it is: the one mile trail felt like it took as long as one quarter-mile loop of a regular track. Sports psychology, I guess. 

  • Monday: Rest day/flight to Florida
  • Tuesday: 6 miles with mile repeats: 3x1600 in 7:24 each and 400m rest intervals. I forgot to lap my watch, but I think they were closer to 7:15/7:20. 
  • Wednesday: Cross-training: I rode a spin bike for the first time! Those things are fast! I normally average between 14-18mph on a regular bike (like my own, or an exercise bike). But on this spin bike, I did 40 minutes and covered 16.8 miles (25mph). Crazy. This was another interval cycling workout while watching Portlandia.
  • Thursday: 6 miles with 3 at tempo with a goal pace of 7:54. (7:51, 7:54, 7:42). We were celebrating Christmas in the evening to accommodate work schedules, so Christmas morning miles worked out well. 
  • Friday: Easy 3 -- I wanted to soak up my last few hours in Florida by running outside instead of staying inside on the bike, but ugh. My hips were stiff, my shins ached. I now see why Run Less, Run Faster emphasizes no-impact easy days. Ouch.
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 16 very blah miles on a very blah gray day at almost 10:00 pace. I just felt exhausted, and my shins still felt a little sensitive, so I took some ibuprofin around mile 10.

Total running miles: 31.07

Total training time: 5:43