Tobacco Road Marathon Training: Week 4 of 16

I'm still slowly catching up on training posts! This is week 4, December 15-21, and while I put in a solid week there's not much to report. Just settling into the grind.

It was a real struggle to drag myself out the door on Sunday morning for my long run, but it was by far my best long run to date. I finally fueled properly (with 2 gels) and ran mindless laps around and around and around while listening to the last episode of Serial and a bunch of other podcasts I'd been saving up. I finished feeling happy and strong instead of cranky and tired. My pace is still hovering around 9:40. It's hard to imagine going much faster! I try not to think about my 8:12 goal marathon pace. I know it's important to just cover the miles for now, and if past cycles are a good indication, everything will work out just fine! (I hope!)

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Speedwork: 5x1000 with 400m RI. I kind of abused my rest intervals by walking through them, but I hit all of my 1000s at my target pace, 7:13.
  • Wednesday: Cross training: Easy 30 minutes on the bike with an episode of Portlandia.
  • Thursday: Tempo: 1 warmup mile, 4 @ 8:06, 1 cool-down mile.
  • Friday:  Cross-training: about 38 minutes on the bike alternating riding "easy" and "hard." It's nice to mix it up a little but these cycling workouts are my least favorite days.
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Long run: 17 miles @ 9:40 pace. 

Total running miles: 29

Total training time: 5:44

This post was going to be without a photo, so please enjoy these photos of a package of 5 pencils, which costs $16.99: