Tobacco Road Marathon Training: Week 3 of 16

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I'm still catching up on training posts, so here is Week 3, December 8 - 14.

My little sister graduated from college this week, which was a huge deal! We both went to the same undergraduate college, a massive, impersonal school with a 4-year graduation rate of just 36%. (For comparison, UNC, another big state school, has a 4-year graduation rate of 80%.) My sister's degree was eight years in the making, and as I searched for her in the sea of mortarboards and tassels, I thought about her tenaciousness and commitment. Talk about Relentless Forward Progress in the face of personal, family, and financial obstacles. It was so great to see her cross that stage, and to spend the weekend celebrating her hard-earned achievement.

In the spirit of commitment and focus on the non-running things that matter in life, this week I decided to pass on two races I was pretty excited about: the Little River Trail Run, which I ran & loved last year (check out this year's awesome shirt!) and Medoc Spring, a spring version of the "original" Medoc race I ran earlier this year. I would love to run both of these (and many many more!) in future years, but this year I am saying no to some things to keep my priorities in order: 1) approaching marriage with the attention, seriousness, and dialogue it deserves; 2) the practical matters of two inexperienced hosts planning an event for however-many people from all over, having never hosted anything more complicated than a small dinner party; and 3) renovating a 100-year old house that was barely standing (the latest: the roof is caving in! A wall is rotted completely through and we found evidence of a second fire, this time in a different part of the house! *Note: When renovating a house it is mandatory that you make jokes like this. We knew it would be like this when we bought it. We're having a lot of fun uncovering clues from its history and guessing what the different rooms were for.)

My fourth priority is Tobacco Road, but I don't think my training needs to suffer as a result. I just won't do any spontaneous races or non-training-plan mandated running activities. Maybe it will be for the best?

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Progression workout: 1200(5:27), 1000(4:30), 800(3:34), 600(2:40), 400(1:45), all with a 200m RI. Man, I could have used a pace calculator app or something to do this workout -- I was jogging my RI and trying to do math to figure out what pace I needed to run to hit each of these times. No surprise (it's right there in the name): they get progressively faster. The 1200m was a 7:18 pace, and the 400m was a 7:02 pace. I had to skip my cooldown if I wanted to make it to my next thing in time. I walked home so I guess that counts, sort of.
  • Wednesday: Rest // Was feeling really tired. Skipped cross training.
  • Thursday: Tempo run before my flight: 5 @ 8:24. My calves and ankles were feeling tight so I swapped my Mirages for my Guides, which seemed to help. 
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Long run: 16 miles @ 9:39 pace. I had an early flight home and did my long run after I got back. I'm still running in shorts and a t-shirt. Thanks, North Carolina!

Total running miles: 27

Total training time: 4:15