Tobacco Road Marathon Training: Week 2 of 16

It's too early to be already so behind on training recaps!

Week 2 was actually 12/1-12/7. The week felt solid until my 15 mile run over the weekend, which pretty much knocked me out. One thing I like about this plan is that it's making me run those 2+ hour long runs right from the very beginning (instead of waiting until week 7 or 8, as in previous cycles). The long run has never been my favorite part of marathon training, but now that the rest of my winter weekends look like this:  16, 17, 18, 13, 18, 20, 15, 20, 15, 20, I'm trying to learn how to deal.

This week I did a lot of my favorite new training cycle activities:

1. Downloaded a ton of new things recommended by Slate's round-up of lesser-known podcasts: 10 Years in Your Ears. Winter = more layers = more pockets = running with my phone = podcast party.

2. Re-upped my fuel supply: I am sticking with my regular Powergel/Honey Stinger combo for now, which has worked well for me in the past. I also impulsively picked up a few "recovery" products (Gu Brew and Hammer Recoverite.) So far I've only tried the Gu Brew (chocolate flavor) and it is delicious, and it does seem to speed recovery (I guess?)



3. Got a pair of the new Saucony Guide 8s for just $80 during a Cyber Monday sale. I want to save them for when my oldest pair of Guides reaches about 500 miles. I have three pairs of shoes I'm using now: a pair of Guide 7s with 400 miles (for tempo runs), a pair of Guide 7s with 200 miles (for long runs), and a pair of Mirages with just under 100 miles (speedwork). 

  • Monday: Unplanned rest day. Worked late, so all my runs for the whole week moved ahead one day.
  • Tuesday: Speedwork: 4x800 (3:34) with 2 minute rest intervals. With warmup and cooldown, a total of 5 miles.
  • Wednesday: Cross-training: 5-6 miles on the bike, doing the interval cycling workouts given by Run Less, Run Faster.
  • Thursday: Tempo run: 7 miles with 5 @ 8:12. Note: 8:12 is goal marathon pace for women my age who are trying to BQ, but this is not a "marathon pace" workout, since Run Less, Run Faster gave me a goal marathon time of 3:50. This is just my tempo pace. (I have a lot of work to do if I'm going to actually make this my marathon pace!) 
  • Friday: Cross-training: Another bike interval workout. I was afraid I would hate these, but they're great. I can do one while watching Portlandia at the gym. It's super chill.  
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Almost-but-not-quite 15 miles. 14.8. Couldn't tell if I was worn out by Friday & Saturday's activities, or tired from training. Legs were really dragging.

Total running miles: 26.8

Total training time: 8:37

86 days to go!