KDF Marathon Training: Week 3 (15 weeks to go)

Monday - Rest

Back at work! I got a new desktop with two big old monitors, and reorganized my office. 

Tuesday - 9


James and I ran 9 miles together in the afternoon, before we had company over for dinner. After dinner we went to a party a friend in our neighborhood was hosting to ring in 2014.

Wednesday - Rest

We all had the day off of work, so I spent most of the day hanging out on the couch, drinking coffee, writing, listening to the Raleigh student radio station I just learned about, and thinking about my plans for 2014.

Thursday - Easy 4

Friday - 8 with 4 @15k-HMP

Until very recently I was a Chicago resident, and out of a combination of personal pride and respect for those running in subzero temps, I refuse to complain about the weather in North-freaking-Carolina. But....it was a little cold. My four HM miles weren't exactly what I wanted (8:32, 8:33, 8:12, 8:22) but effort-wise, I was feeling it.

Saturday - Rest


Sunday - 6.2

For confusing reasons related to the fact that I'm again following a frankenplan and I haven't finessed the details yet, I was running just 6 miles this weekend. They were fine.

I have to admit that I'm not super excited to be training for a marathon. I'm not sure if that means that this race was a mistake, or what (from what blogs tend to report, everyone is OMG in love with running all the time, so I can never tell if I like running less than other people, or if they are just underreporting their ho-hum feelings about it). While I was out running on this gloomy day, I reminded myself that while I could quit if I really want to, if I can just stick with it a few more weeks (er--months) spring will be here, and I'll be so happy to go run trails and feel strong when the weather changes.

Sorry, January, but I mostly think of you as something to endure while we all wait for spring.

Total: 28