KDF Marathon Training Weeks 4, 5, and 6 (12 weeks to go)

Wow, I got really behind on these training recaps. For brevity's sake, and because a list of my past three weeks of training would be boring, I'll just summarize:

No 30+ weeks so far.

Between NC's version of the "polar vortex," a big week at work, and general apathy/lack of motivation, I haven't gotten in a single 30+ week so far during this alleged "basebuilding" period. I am disappointed and a little regretful, but honestly, I just haven't been feeling it that much.  And when you are struggling to get out there at all, it seems a little mean to knock the miles I did put in as "not enough." It's still early and I know I'll be seeing those 30+ and 40+ weeks soon.

A handful of decent workouts

Though I achieved a personal worst in terms of pace-per-mile, the Little River Trail 10 Miler was challenging and a great workout. I also had a 9-miler with 5 tempo miles in the pitch black dark, and an 8-mile progression run with a couple of of 7-something miles. My long runs were 11 miles, 10, and 13.5.

Just a little bit of riding


For more scheduling, work, and weather reasons, I haven't spent a ton of time on a horse these three weeks, either. 

Looking ahead

Sunday marked the end of the "endurance" mesocycle. Even though I didn't get in the bigger weeks I maybe should have, I can't deny that doing anything at all these past six weeks means I'm already better off than when I started training for NYCM. The next five weeks make up a mesocycle Pfitzinger calls "Endurance and Lactate Threshold," which apparently includes 15-, 17-, and 18-mile long runs, and the return of early-morning track work. I looked at my calendar this morning and could hardly believe I have five weeks of this ahead of me: if I'm struggling with motivation now, am I really going to get up early in the morning and go to the track for 800s in the middle of February?

I'm pulling out all my best tricks to stay motivated: I signed up for a bunch of races, I'm bribing myself, and of course, there's the peer pressure: Jamie, my training partner/accountabilibuddy successfully got me out of bed on Sunday morning for an 8am long run. Hopefully her morning person ways will power me through the next five weeks of workouts.

Is anyone else's training flagging these days?