NYC Marathon Training: Week 6


This week was my first scheduled cutback week. My plan was simple: run a little, rest a lot, eat, and rest some more. 

I understand the logic of cutback, or "down" weeks, but I don't understand the hows and whys of figuring out how much to cut back and how frequently to schedule them. I've read that people cut back 15% to 50% of total weekly mileage, and mine was around 50%. It was wonderful

Monday - Rest

Nailed it. 

Tuesday - 9.33 cutback long run

I had a loose idea that I wanted to do around 10 or 12 miles.  I cut this a little short because I was so tired. I just couldn't make it to 10. I was kind of pushing myself to just do it, and then I thought, "Wow, I must really need some rest," and went home.

Wednesday - 5.65 easy + short bike ride (6ish miles?)

This was just an easy run in the evening with a friend. Not much going on here.

Thursday - Rest!

Friday - Rest! 

On Friday we woke early to drive the 12 hours to the Catskills for a friend's wedding. This was our first big road trip as car owners, and it was a blast. We haven't really figured out how to play music in the car yet (except with James's iPad through bluetooth, a #firstworldproblem)  so we got some books on tape from the library.

We picked up my other friend on the way in Beacon, NY, and then headed farther north, passing through tiny towns and what I can only call "settlements" -- I later looked up their names and saw that they only have a couple hundred inhabitants each. 

It was in the 40s when we arrived -- a huge change from the mid 80s/low 90s of North Carolina.  I was really glad I threw a sweater in my bag at the last minute.

Camera Uploads4.jpg

Saturday - 4.86 miles

I woke up in our spartan, mountain hotel with no heat, TV, internet, cell service, or potable water. We could find coffee about seven miles away, according to the front desk, so we spent the morning in a nearby tinytown getting our caffeine fix, before lacing up and exploring by foot.

I was so happy to get to run in crisp, Actual Fall weather (Southerners, take note! 85 degree weather is too early for PSLs!)

We took it easy and my legs felt fresher than they have in a long time. 


Every time we turned we found a new mountain stream, rushing icy water downhill. Tilly had a blast swimming and running around.

Sunday - Rest

Camera Uploads2.jpg
Camera Uploads1.jpg

More rest on Sunday: stopping at a viewpoint before going back down the mountain and driving home.

Marathon training-wise, it's hard to tell whether this was a "good" training week or not because it was a cutback week and all my runs were short and easy. Next week marks the beginning of another build cycle: though I'm not going much over 40mpw, I'm adding in tempo runs and speedwork and doing my one and only 20-miler. Hopefully I'm all rested and ready for more.

Total - 19.8 miles

54 days until NYCM!