NYC Marathon Training: Week 1

I'm training for a marathon! It feels so good to finally say that. I've been anticipating this day since I first dreamed of running NYCM two years ago. I thought about it in the last mile of every single NYRR race I ran for 9+1. After I moved to Chicago, it simmered in my mind while training for the Wisconsin Half. And in the waning days of my trip, the marathon was one of the things I thought about to keep from feeling sad that it was almost over. It worked; I could hardly sit still on the last leg of my series of plane trips. I wanted off that plane, to lace up my shoes, and get going.

When I finally got to Florida it was 1am, I stayed up until nearly dawn with my sister chatting and catching up. I slept maybe an hour or two before waking up and having my first drip coffee in a month (Thank you, America!). It's hurricane season in Florida, and although I lived there for eight years and should know better, I went out for a run in early afternoon, the time of day where torrential rain is almost always guaranteed. Just a half mile into my run, it started pouring, but I was so high on the thought that this is is my first training run for my first marathon! that it never occurred to me to head home. It was fantastic.

NYCM Training Week 1 of 14: Space-time Travel Edition

July 29 - August 4

Monday - Rest (last day in Bangkok)


Tuesdy #1 - Rest

I woke up in Tokyo and had a long layover, so I took the bullet train into the city and explored for a few hours.


Tuesday #2 - Rest

Thanks to the time change, when I woke up the next morning it was still Tuesday, but this time I got to spend it inside the San Francisco airport.

Wednesday - 5 soggy miles in Orlando before driving from Florida to North Carolina.

Driving down our new street in the early AM, after driving through the night.

Driving down our new street in the early AM, after driving through the night.

Thursday - Rest, wonderful rest.

Friday - 20 minute easy run before dark.

Saturday - More rest! We spent all day buying a car: 


A Prius!

A Prius!

Sunday - Woke up at dawn to get in a little over 8 miles before our friends came over to help us paint.


Taping takes forever .

Taping takes forever .


Total - 15.5

It was a weird and wonderful Week 1. I flew home from Thailand, I moved to North Carolina, I had an interview, I bought a car, and I wheezed my way through my first eight-mile run in months. I'm still showering with ice-cold water and there's no internet or furniture at my new place, but it feels so great to get back to training.

Let's talk about how out of shape I am: I gasp for breath and my heart races at an "easy" pace. I find myself needing to take mini walk breaks every few miles to slow my heart and catch my breath. Even though I know that there was no way I would be in great shape at the beginning of August, I somehow didn't believe I'd actually get out of shape. I guess I thought I'd just stay the same. I spent an entire month outdoors, doing active, outdoorsy things every single day instead of sitting at a desk, and I imagined it would just all equal out somehow.

There is really no substitute for running when it comes to staying in running shape. It's kind of annoying, especially because I'm dying to run around for hours and explore the gorgeous trails around in North Carolina -- but I know I need to be patient. 13 weeks to go!