NYC Marathon Training: Week 5

Week 5 marked my highest-mileage week so far this cycle. I feel like I should be getting faster my now, but instead I'm sluggish and slow. I know this is probably just my body adapting to marathon training. Next week is a cutback week, so I'm sure I'll feel better after that.

Monday - 5.61 miles easy

I woke up with chest congestion and waffled back and forth between doing my long run (15 miles) or rescheduling it. After I started running, I knew I would be better off attempting it another day -- my legs felt like lead and I was  achy and tired. After 5-6 miles I called it a day.

Tuesday - 15 miles

I was still recovering from my cold/sinus infection/whatever but feeling better. I was looking forward to this because it would be a new PDR for me, but I didn't feel 100%. I brought lots of fuel and took two shot bloks at mile 4 and 11.5, and a gel at mile 8. Still, I was having trouble finishing this run. My legs and joints didn't hurt at any point like they did in the last 2 miles of last week's long run; instead, I just had a full-body fatigue and had to alternate running and walking to finish. After coming home and googling things like "so tired while running" I found this Runner's World article, which lists getting sick and not being able to finish workouts as classic signs of overtraining

Wednesday - Rest 

Remarkably, I felt no stiffness or soreness from yesterday's run. Progress!

Thursday -  "Easy" 6 (6.24)

On Thursday I felt much better, but was amazed to find I just couldn't keep up with the ~9:00 pace I wanted. Worried about overtraining, I stayed true to my easy run and didn't push it. I reminded myself I'm still recovering from getting sick, and tried to do some of the thing things mentioned in the RW article (eat more protein, get more sleep, etc.) 

Friday - 8 easy

On Friday's run, I broke out my heart rate monitor, calculated my max heart rate based on my resting heart rate, and estimated ranges for each heart rate zone. My goal was just to keep an eye on my heart rate and discover what pace is my true "easy" pace, and how my route (hills, etc.) affects my heart rate. It was great to be able to see a number that represents my effort, instead of relying only on my perception of effort.

Saturday -  Rest

The next day we flew to St. Louis for a friends' wedding. I spent most of my childhood in St. Louis, so it was fun to take James to some of the things I remember, even though my favorite pizza place has since become unfashionable (James: "You know this place has like, no stars, right?") 

Team Provel

Team Provel


Sunday - 4.1 mini speed workout  

I took advantage of the treadmill in our hotel to get in a decent speed workout and wear my heart rate monitor. One likely reason why running is so tough lately is because I moved from Flatland to a place rolling in hills, so it was nice to take a turn on the treadmill to see how I run without them. I did a mini ladder workout: 800/400/400/800, all at about 5k pace (7:30) plus another 800 with a 1/10 mile kick at the end. It was not that tough and reassured me a little bit that I'm still just getting adjusted to the North Carolina terrain.

In the evening I "cross-trained" by dancing at the wedding. It was at the City Museum and if you know it, I won't have to tell you how much trouble I was in when I tried to go down the 10-story slide in a fancy dress and heels. For some reason I tried to use my left elbow as a brake and returned to the wedding with a massive slide burn.

I consoled myself with a lot of this: 



Total: 39 miles

60 days until New York!