Running and house searching in North Carolina


It hit me the other day that in less than a month I will be leaving Chicago, leaving the country for a month, and coming "home" to a totally new state. I have a multi-page to do list of things I have to do before then. Fortunately, I crossed one of the major things off the list last weekend when we signed put a deposit down on a new place to live in North Carolina.

We stayed in Carrboro, near Chapel Hill, and my first impression is that the area is so green! There are rolling hills, huge oak trees that reach across the streets toward each other, and magnolias. I couldn't get over how alive it looked, plants-wise. People-wise, everyone was superchill, warm, and really involved in and enthusiastic about the community. We hemmed and hawed over the half dozen "finalists" until the last possible moment, and actually ran to hand over our deposit on our way to the airport to make our flight home. It's awesome, albeit a little bit unreal, to check this off of our list.

Anyway, when I was away my goal was to run every day (except for travel days.) I'm sticking to the streak thing so far even though I feel a little ridiculous going for 2-mile runs some days, or doing dumb things like running in the middle of a thunderstorm so as not to break the streak.

At first, I ran out-and-backs on busy roads because I was afraid of getting lost (the streets aren't organized in a grid system like I'm used to), but the friend we were staying with took me on a proper trail run on our last day after we realized that we both run. We did a 4 or 5 mile loop on the trails by her house, over streams, across little bridges and up hills that rolled down into a carpet of green. I hadn't seen anything so peaceful and pretty in so long. I wish I had my camera, but photos never do justice to the experience of running across and under endless green.

Also? It's HOT in the south and the hills are everywhere, compared to 55 degree, pancake-flat Chicago. I thought something was wrong with me when I saw I averaged 11 minute miles on our trail run, which felt the same as my usual easy 8:30s. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon, though. I hope!


On Wednesday, for "National Running Day" (#bloggerholiday must celebrate)  TF and I did one of my usual neighborhood routes. It was nearly 9pm when we finished, and the sky was that bright cerulean that signals early summer in the north. I'm sentimental about places. I'll miss these blue nights.