Week 18: Wisconsin Half Marathon Training

Mid-May blue nights.
Mid-May blue nights.

Finally, I'm done with these recaps!

This was race week! I ate a lot and ran just 3 miles on Wednesday. I rode my bike a bunch in between -- maybe too much. On Monday, my legs felt fatigued from a super windy morning bike commute, but the weather was so nice that I couldn't help myself and took my bike out again the next day. I cut myself off on Wednesday, so that I had two full days of rest before my race. I completely forgot I had bought a pair of compression socks so I pulled those out and slept in them in Friday night. I'm a compression-sock skeptic but I figured even a placebo effect would be welcome on race day.


April 29 - May 5

  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday-  Rest
  • Wednesday- 3
  • Thursday- Rest
  • Friday- Rest 
  • Saturday- 13.1 - Wisconsin Half Marathon (race recap)
  • Sunday -  Rest

Total: 16.1

Now that's a taper!

This training cycle (January 1 - May 4):

  • Total miles run: 352
  • Pairs of shoes: 1
  • Injuries: 1
  • Number of times I went to the doctor for said injury: 0 (whoops!)
  • Gym bags left on the bus: 1
  • Impulsive race day outfit purchases: 0 (for once)
  • Percent by which my running group grew: 525%
  • Coldest weather: -10F
  • Warmest weather: 70F
  • High fives with strangers: Lots!