The next chapter

One of my little rules for myself when I started this blog was that I wouldn't let this turn into an all-about-me free-for-all. I am still squeamish about talking about myself (on the internet and IRL), so I guess I'm dealing with it by trying to compartmentalize and be very strict about what I do and don't talk about. But it turns out that there are lots of things I hadn't thought about before that fall into a kind of gray area -- things that are tangentially related to running but not directly relevant to this blog. Do I write about those things, or leave them out? Non-running life things can have big effects on my running, and it can get be a real effort to avoid mentioning them.

One such major off-blog happening that's been a big part of my life for the past eight months is that James went on the job market. He's an academic, so he has exactly one chance every year to get a job. He applied in the fall and over the next three months we waited patiently to hear about different interviews. Then we waited a few more months for word about campus visits. And then we waited to finally hear the outcome. It's been a game of trying to manage our expectations, to try not to get too excited or too attached to any potential outcome.

A few months ago all of that uncertainty was relieved when he got (and accepted!) an offer to join a great department in North Carolina. That means that this summer, we're leaving city life behind for good and moving to the south. We've already told our jobs, friends, and family, and in two weeks we're flying down to find a place to live. Things are moving quickly and we're both very excited. I've never even been there before (unless I count the times I drove through the state on Route 1 on my way to or from New York and Florida.)

The second piece of news is that we're giving up our apartment a month early, putting our things in storage, and backpacking in Southeast Asia (exact route TBD) in July, with bookend trips in Florida to visit our families.


This is all relevant to this blog because the move, combined with traveling this summer, will definitely eat into my NYCM training. I considered deferring my guaranteed entry because I don't want to miss the first month of training, nor do I want to be obliged to go running when there are so many other fun distractions. But I think I'm going to do it anyway because 1) I just really want to, and 2) running is the best way to explore my new town. I'll still have 14 weeks for training.

Oh yeah, and I think I'm finally starting to get over my sharing-on-the-internet anxiety. I finally made an "about" page!


This year has been hard for me.  I struggled first with homesickness, then S.A.D. or just lethargy or something from the long, cold winter, plus the uncertainty of not knowing how long we'd be living in Chicago or where we'd be headed next. I'm very very happy we're going some place that's such a good fit for both of us in so many ways -- and I'm even happier that we'll get to be there for as long as we want.

Anyway, if anyone knows any good North Carolina blogs I should be reading, please send recommendations! I want to start stalking new routes, trails, and races.