Week 17: Wisconsin Half Marathon Training

There are six more days until Wisconsin! This weekend I picked up my race packet (from what I think was someone's garage in Skokie, IL) and started checking the weather.

So far it looks kind of gross.

So far it looks kind of gross.

But how hilarious are these race shirts?

But how hilarious are these race shirts?

Picking up the race packet was an adventure! I registered for Wisconsin after briefly checking to see if I could do packet pickup in Chicago, because I'm a big cheapskate and wouldn't pay to have my packet mailed to me. Sure enough, they have what they call a "Chicagoland Office," so I immediately clicked over to register. If I had kept reading, I would have seen that the office was actually in a suburb over 10 miles away, that was not easily accessible by train, and open for only two hours on one day. Fortunately the weather was nice, so I just rode my bike there and back. Pickup took only about 5 minutes. The volunteers were super organized and wearing tuxedo tshirts.  I can't wait to wear that blue one, with the suit-wearing incognito wedge of cheese racing across the finish line. It's my new favorite race shirt, obviously.

My training went off the rails when I got injured, so my only real plan this week was to get in a couple key workouts and let my ankle rest as much as possible. On Monday after I got home from NYC, I did my long run by running home from work. It was a great day and I had a blast. I wore my watch but didn't look at it, so I was surprised and happy to see all 8:xx miles when I got home. 

I iced my ankle that night and did my eccentric heel drops off, but the next day it was creaking like crazy. The medical term is "crepitus" and it's by far the creepiest/weirdest thing my body's ever done. Distressed, I stress-googled and tried to just take it easy, and by the next day the crepitus was completely gone. The three miles I did that day were fine, and I felt fine the next day. If my Achilles were a friend, I'd dump it for being so dramatic and inconsistent. 

I've been biking consistently through the month of April but this weekend I got more miles in than normal. My ankle felt fine even though the rest of my body was a little sore. And today, during my 6-mile progression tempo slash "whatever I feel great so I'm just going to go for it" thing, I felt some minor discomfort in my ankle that started around mile 2 but nothing too bad. All of this is to say that it does seem to be healing -- but very slowly. I think exercising it is the right thing to do, as long as I am religious with my heel drops.

I have no clue what my race strategy will be next week.

 April 22 - April 28

  • Monday- 11
  • Tuesday-  Rest
  • Wednesday- 3
  • Thursday- Rest
  • Friday- Rest 
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday-  6

Total: 20 miles, plus 65ish bike miles.