My first marathon!

Hey! Look what I did yesterday!


I'm so excited to be running my first marathon!!

The first time I ever spectated the marathon is one of my favorite memories from my brand-new-to-New York period. I'd never seen so many people running. They were so many shapes and sizes! Some of them were smiling, others had that determined, set jaw, and others were grimacing in pain -- but they were all moving forward. I remember screaming and cheering along 5th Avenue in the East 130s, around mile 21. I was overwhelmed at the mass of human effort. A gospel choir was singing and I thought, I'll never do that, but it's just so wonderful that other people are!

How many times have I looked at something and said, "I'll never do that?" There's a lovely symmetry between running and the rest of life, between the literal first step and the figurative one, that's part of the process of creating or building something that daunts you. That a thing like "running a marathon" has entered my realm of life possibilities means I've actually learned something from all this running. I can trace a line from those first steps I took in the snow on the Greenway in February, to running my first race, to my first half marathon, to beginning to believe I could maybe run farther, to entering my name and predicted finish time for my first-ever 26.2. 

I'm sentimental about the marathon. I'm sure I'll become a data geek during training, and I'll make A+, A, and B time goals (hey, there's a lot of grade inflation these days). But in the end I just hope I can remember how I feel now, so happy that I'll even be toeing the start line this year. I'm in!

Who else will be running NYCM this year?