SOS: Achilles Tendonitis

This morning it dawned on me that the "rainboot-related Achilles pain" I felt last week isn't rainboot-related, after all.

I live on the second floor and every day for the past week and a half, I've had trouble walking down the stairs. This morning -- the morning after my  intense seven-mile tempo run, it hurt way much more than usual. I couldn't flex it and it was sensitive to the touch. The cause just couldn't be sartorial; there's  no way a rainboot could have inflicted this persistant and vicious a pain. It's a running-related thing. It's gotta be.

On the way home I ran into a coworker on the CTA who also runs and I told him about my Achilles. He said that he had that last year before the Chicago Marathon. He needed to take two entire weeks off of running for it to heal completely.

I had planned for 11 miles tonight, but his story combined with the scary forum posts I read this morning made me inclined to take this a little more seriously than I've been taking it. The first thing I thought I'd do is actually look at my tendon. That's right -- it never really crossed my mind to actually look at it. When I compared my ankles I was floored. My right Achilles is hugely swollen.


Some people (people on the internet, that is, not doctors) say you can keep running through Achilles tendonitis, but I've been running through it for almost two (low mileage!) weeks and it's getting worse, not better. As frustrating as it is, I think it's smarter to take it super easy and try to get fully healed while I have the time, rather than kicking the can down the road and risk blowing up my Achilles right before (or during!) my goal race. Instead of 11 miles I took a rest day, iced, took some ibuprofen, and now have it elevated. I'll see you on the other side of a few rest days, Adrenalines.