Week 5: Wisconsin Half Marathon Training

Week 5 is here, I guess! There’s not much significant or interesting about Week 5 besides the weather, which, yes, has been totally wack. It was 65 and stormy on Tuesday, and by Wednesday it was back down to the single digits. By Saturday there were dogs with snow on their dog faces:


This week I finished registering for my tune-up races. I’m doing two instead of Pfitzinger’s recommended three because the timing doesn’t work out well to get in that last one (my only local race option seems to be a the Lakefront 10-miler, which is way too long), and also because I’m worried about racing so close to my goal race. Still, I’m really excited to do the two I chose: the Chi-Town 10k and the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. The Shamrock Shuffle is through closed streets downtown, which I love. I was on the fence about the 10k because the phrase “Chi-Town” still makes me wince, but they won me over with their promise of a race shirt with “awesome-feeling fabric.”

All of my runs this week were so uneventful, they’re hardly work describing. I felt kind of blah on Monday and Tuesday, but killed my 9-miler on Wednesday. I’m always nervous about these types of workouts before they start. Anything over 6 miles still feels far to me, and I’m uncertain about pacing and whether I can hold a whatever pace for 5 miles at the end of a 9 miler. I’ve been running them as progression runs, where I do the first of the last 5 miles on the conservative side, and increase my pace every mile until the end. If I finish feeling strong, then the next time I do it I start the entire thing a little bit faster. 

I had 4 down for Saturday, but decided to forget about them because my shins still felt painful at yoga that morning. I was rewarded the next day with 12 completely pain-free miles. I can’t be sure I’m completely out of the woods but I’m glad my shin-care routine is working.

January 28 - February 3

  • Monday - 5
  • Tuesday - Rest
  • Wednesday - 9 with 5 at HM pace
  • Thursday - 10 progression miles, slower than Wednesday
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - Yoga
  • Sunday - 12

Total: 36 miles

Total January mileage: 130.1

Days ‘til the Wisconsin Half: 89