Week 4: Wisconsin Half Marathon Training

Another week, another new MPW record! 

Monday was supposed to be a rest day, but I thought I’d take advantage of the holiday to get ahead on my training schedule. I could take my rest day later in the week, when I had a work thing I wanted to make time for.

I did 8 kind of dull miles with 2 at what I guessed is my tempo pace (7:5x - 7:3x — although 7:50 felt plenty challenging for now). I’ll write more later about how I’m figuring out my training paces considering my last race is horribly out of date (a 10k in July 2012).

My 5 recovery miles the next day were a slog, mostly because I forgot my iPod and this guy in front of me was slapping the treadmill so loudly; it was driving me nuts.

I had 10 miles on Wednesday and again the temperatures were hovering around 0. My new running group was supposed to do its first meetup, but after a lot of BIG TALK, everyone bailed and decided to reschedule. I was fine with it.  At the gym, the treadmill offenders were out in full force — from people who leave a treadmill full of junk (water bottle, phone, hair ties, magazine, headphones, multiple towels) unattended to go do god-only-knows-what elsewhere in the gym (when there are a half dozen runners standing around waiting for a ‘mill) — to the girl who cranked her treadmill up to 15% incline & had to hold on to her iPad with one hand and clutch the water bottle holder with the other just to hang on, hunched over and shuffle-walking in a position that surely has no physiological benefits. 

Yes, I’m becoming one of those angsty double-digit treadmill runners — a displaced outside runner with nothing to blame but my own shortcomings in the winter-toughness department. My one-and-a-half hour treadmill runs probably seem totally nuts to the 20-minutes-of-active-walking crowd. If I’m going to run inside, I should really work on accepting my fellow gym patrons as one of the wonderful challenges of inside running, just as I accept the wind, rain, etc. as a wonderful challenge of outside running. 

My left shin was giving me some trouble so I was more than happy to take the next two days as rest days: one for a work-related thing, and one for “cross training”:


Saturday’s run was 4 easy miles around my neighborhood on Saturday, ending at brunch.

I was supposed to finish the week with 12 miles on Sunday, but I turned back when the hail started. I am a little glad, because my shins were still nagging me. It’s probably best this way, especially since I’m now in unfamiliar mileage territory.


My goal next week is to get in that 12-miler any way I can, and to keep an eye on my shins. 

January 21 - January 27

  • Monday - 8 with the last 2 at tempo pace (7:5x)
  • Tuesday - 5 recovery
  • Wednesday - 10
  • Thursday - Rest
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - 4
  • Sunday - 5.6

Total:  32.6 miles