Week 2: Wisconsin Half Marathon Training

Eh, it’s kind of annoying to admit that I didn’t hit my mileage goal in my second week of training, but forcing yourself to confront your missed goals is supposed to be one of the major reasons why keeping running notes are so helpful. I felt weak and slow most of this week, and came down with a weird fever on Saturday during/after yoga. I was afraid it was the flu but I felt a little better on Sunday, though not 100%.

Anyway, on Tuesday, I was supposed to finish with 10x100 strides, with 100m jogs. I’ve never done strides before but Pfitzinger describes them as short bursts of just under max speed, focusing on form. I was running on the treadmill and found strides really hard to do indoors. By the time I’d increased the treadmill to the right speed, it was almost time to slow down again. I am really considering doing them outdoors in the future, no matter how cold it is.

I tried two new yoga classes at Moksha and Nature on Wednesday and Saturday and liked both. I’ve had so many bizarre yoga experiences here (which included classes that tried to incorporate everything from dancing, football drills, and Rihanna music), but these were both my style.

The ten miles I did on Thursday was as fine as ten miles on a treadmill can be. Pfitzinger’s idea of how many miles I should be running is way more that the number of miles I’ve done in the past, and my eyes glazed over a little bit at the sheer number of long and medium-long runs in his plan. One of my coping strategies is to listen to audiobooks. I threw myself into my new audiobook life last week with an unsustainable level of enthusiasm that usually foreshadows failure, but I’ve already finished two of them, so!

January 7 - January 13

  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - 8
  • Wednesday - Yoga
  • Thursday - 10
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - Yoga/sick
  • Sunday - Rest/sick

Total: 18 miles