Winter & spring race plans

Winter morning commute.

Winter morning commute.

I never feel much like myself in December. The holidays usually make me feel sad, and all month long I'm bombarded with obnoxious ads and pressure to buy stuff.  We are all marching toward the winter solstice.

This year I find myself wanting to pull back from all of it. I doubled-down at work and have been spending my evenings in a state of maximum relaxation: watching guilty-pleasure television (House of Cards), going to the movies, and general laze. 

Regarding running, my first thought is, "I couldn't possibly." It's "too dark" and usually "too cold" by the time I get home from work. More often than not I opt to just skip it.

But the other day, I was reading something that really reminded me of myself when I was in high school. I remembered that back then, I thought that the only things that were cool or worth doing happened at night. The most fun thing was to just drive around aimlessly with friends, going from parking lot to parking lot (it was a small town), stoplights casting shadows on my friends' faces. Now that sounds boring, but back then the nighttime cloaked all normal activities in the expectation that anything could happen. 

So the other night I went out for a run after work and tried to connect with my younger self by racing around poorly-lit streets at night. And my younger self was right. For the first time, I understood what was fun, different, and kind of thrilling about night running.

It's a good thing, too, because my trigger-happy clicking finger has been going to town on a bunch of registration buttons lately.

Here's the lineup for winter and spring (so far):

I'm in for the 10 miler, which is "gently rolling single track." 


We'll be in Pensacola to visit James's sister, who suggested we run the Double Bridge 15k together. Only in Florida could I run 9-ish miles over two bridges and still gain just 68 feet in elevation. (Fun fact: The highest point in Florida is 345 feet.)

Merge Records (which is HQ'd here in Durham) is putting this on for its 25th anniversary. The start line is in Chapel Hill, and we'll run from there to Durham. I love point-to-point courses and I have high hopes for the music at the afterparty, and maybe a John Darnielle sighting.

The Mountains-to-Sea 12-Miler is another chill-seeming trail race on a trail I've never run on before. I am also looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the 50k runners (I'm a little bit ultra-curious).


All of these races are random distances I've never raced before (10 miles, 12 miles, 15k, 25k), and because of that, I won't be gunning for any real time goals. I'll probably just run them as training runs.

Training runs for what, you ask?

Well, I also registered for this:


26.2, round two on April 19. More on this later!

Who else is running a spring marathon? Which one?