NYC Marathon Training Week 14

Finally, after 14 weeks, here is my final week of marathon training!

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 5 miles

I got a little sore throat/general feeling of pre-sickness after getting home from Asheville, so I napped when I could and just did some quiet laps around campus with my dog.

Wednesday -  4 miles

On Wednesday I emailed a running buddy and asked her if she'd run with me and give me a pep talk. She talked me up during our whole run -- reminding me of how hard I worked, and the many long, hot & humid runs I did alone. It was great to talk to another runner who really believed in my training, and by the end, I was certain I was ready for whatever the marathon decided to throw at me.

Thursday -  Rest & pack



I made a list and checked it 10 times, just to be sure. I took James to the airport in the afternoon -- he was flying somewhere else, but would meet me the city on Saturday.

Friday - 3 miles in Brooklyn 


I flew to NYC in the morning, hit up the expo, had lunch with Stefanie, then beat it back to her apartment for a nap and a quick run in Crown Heights before dark. I was finally starting to feel GOOD while running, and 3 miles passed in what felt like 30 seconds. It's real, I thought. The next time I put these shoes on, I'll run a marathon.

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - 26.2 



A big recap is coming, but there's too much to say for just 7/10 of my fingers to type (three are still swollen, road-rashed, and taped up from my bike crash).

Total: 38 miles 

I'm also so, so close to my other 2013 running goal!