Marathon Week is here!

I'm doing what this weekend? 

Taper is terrible, you guys. I feel like I'm hardly running and can't tell if that's normal, or if I'm actually running too little. I am suspicious of taper. It goes against all of my instincts and everything I know about preparation. The week before something I cram, cram cram. It's a tiny bit stressful to sit back and do literally nothing in the name of "rest."

I was doing pretty well though. I was very relaxed and 100% confident that I was completely ready and would definitely finish, no problem. I said a few times that I'm "basically done!" (You know, until I'm actually done...once I actually finish the marathon.)

It's kind of true, though. I can't really improve on my training anymore. There's just nothing else to do until race day:

  • I know what I'm eating and have all my gels in a drawer in my kitchen.
  • I have my race day outfit.
  • I have trained for almost 14 weeks.
  • I have a plane ticket.
  • I know which couches I'm crashing on. 

What else is there, right?

Well, a ton of tiny details that hadn't occurred to me before finally slapped me silly late last week. I forget what I was reading at the time, but suddenly I was overcome with the feeling that I was totally unprepared:

  • I finally wondered, "What's the deal with those baggage options?"
  • What will I wear for the however-many hours I'll be hanging out at Ft. Wadsworth?
  • Speaking of, how cold is it in NY right now? (& then I started second-guessing my race day outfit.)
  • On Friday when I get into the city, where can I stash my stuff while my friends are at work/whose office can I use as a locker while I hit up the expo?
  • Unrelated to the marathon: Who am I going to see while I'm there and when/where/how?
  • Putting my name on my shirt: How do people do this? I hate crafts and really should have outsourced this project to my sister when I was visiting. Sharpie? 
  • What time do I need to leave to get there before corrals close? Seriously, I should figure this out.
  • Should I have some kind of strategy or plan for the race? Maybe run with a pace group or something, anything

Obviously these aren't really time-consuming things, but I guess I was avoiding them because it all still feels far away and unreal. So, yeah. I am going to spend the next few days trying to get my head around the idea that I'm actually doing this on Sunday. 



6 more days (??!!)