NYC Marathon Training Week 12 (& giveaway winners!)

This week was taper week #1 and full of non-running-related distractions, so it was great to have less running and more free time.

Monday – Rest

I was pretty sore on Sunday after my 20-miler, but felt fine by Monday.

Tuesday – 3.7 easy

I meant to do 6, but ran out of time before work and cut it short. I felt a little fatigued and twinge-y, but much better than I expected (this is turning into a theme of this whole training cycle).

In the evening I went on a longish bike ride (13-14 miles) on country roads with James and a new friend.

I am adjusting to an all new set of cycling-related dangers. There's no risk of getting doored here, but a group of deer leapt out in front of us. I think in a deer vs. bike collision, I would lose.

Usually you can't pry me off my bike during the summer, but this year cycling has taken a backseat to marathon training. After this ride, I was itching to plan a long tour, but I'm making myself wait until after the marathon. 

I am rethinking my bike setup a little bit. I passed James and our friend on the downhills because I love to get in my lowest gear and pedal hard and go as fast as possible, but our friend (who, by the way, is 73 years old) passed me on the uphills. She said if I had clipless pedals I would have a much easier time riding uphill. Everyone has said this to me but I've ignored them because I like to ride in normal clothes and shoes. But maybe it's time I give them a try?

Anyway, it is too soon for bike talk!

Wednesday - 5 (5x600 @5k pace)

First 4 @ 7:08 pace, last one at 7:03.

I didn’t plan my day very well and I overslept for the track in the morning, so I used James’s guest pass at his gym and got in and out as quickly as possible. Repeats feel so easy on the treadmill, even at incline. I'm not sure if it’s the treadmill, or if I should have done them faster.

In the evening I boarded an overnight Amtrak to Florida to see my sister and to go to a wedding.


Thursday – Rest

Dawn in the dining car

Dawn in the dining car


When I got to Florida, my sister and I rented cruise bikes and rode around town for hours. She gave me a deluxe tour of her favorite hangouts. I think we did just over 20 miles for the day.

Friday – 5 easy

She's training for a half marathon (the OUC Orlando Half) and so we did these 5 miles together. This was our first-ever run together! 

Saturday – 12 

I planned to do my long run before we left for Sarasota. I made it six miles outside and my splits reflect my suffering: 8:52, 8:58, 9:21, 9:33, 9:55, 9:49. I was wilting in the heat and humidity and decided to bring it inside because there’s no sense putting myself through the unfamiliar stress of running in this heat when I’m supposed to be tapering and chilling out. My second six miles were much better. I can’t believe 12 miles feels like a “short” long run to me now.

Sunday – Rest

Hopped on the 'trak and headed back to North Carolina.  

Total: 25.7  (I haven’t been tracking any cycling in my recaps, partly because my new commute is so short (2.5-3 miles each way) and partly because I ride so slow and leisurely that it doesn't seem right to consider it a part of my “training.”)

In other news, this happened:


I was so, so, so excited to see what wave I'll be in, and more importantly, whether I would be starting on the upper deck of the Verrazano  (blue or orange groups) or the lower deck (green).

I think I let out an audible groan when I saw this:  





In any case, I'm glad I am Wave 1. I won't have to wait around Fort Wadsworth as long, and I'll have more time afterward for brunching and boozing or who knows what. 

Finally, thanks to everyone who entered the KIND bar giveaway. The winners are Michelle and Jeffrey:



Jeffrey and Michelle, please email me at hi [dot] outsidetime at gmail to claim your prize!