NYC Marathon Training: Week 10

Week 10 was a planned cutback week with another tune-up race over the weekend. It was also my first week at my new job, so I was glad to run a little bit less as I got settled.

Monday - Rest 

Tuesday - 5x600 @5k pace

To avoid last time's mistake with figuring out exactly what line on the track I needed to cross to mark 600m, I just set an interval workout on my watch. My .37 mile repeats were 2:33, 2:34, 2.32, 2:32, 2:34 (av pace around 6:55), with ~1:45 rest intervals. It was tough, but fine. 6:55 is not my 5k pace, but it felt comfortable enough.

Wednesday - 5 

Just a chill, easy run around town with Tilly.


Thursday - 8.24

The next day I met a friend for some hills. We set out through West Campus, heading for the Al Buehler trail. Duke has lots of long, gradual climbs and descents, and the Al Buehler is a heart-pounding workout any way you do it.


When we first did this together over the summer, we were about a minute per mile slower and had to take breaks from talking during uphills. This time, we ran easily and chatted the entire time. It was fun to see how our training was paying off.

There was a traumatizing moment when I was stung by a wasp while I was running. I felt a sting, and swatted a big black bug off my right arm. Apparently I got off easy: I heard from one of my new coworkers that there are snakes out there. Good to know!

Friday - Rest 

Saturday - Carrboro 10k (47:33) 

I scored a new 10k PR!

Sunday - 11.22

Running is funny -- some days are pretty magical, like Saturday, only to be followed by one that's a gross, sloppy, just-get-through-it mess.  I was supposed to chase Saturday's race with a 12-miler, with most of those miles at GMP. It was muggy and hot, so I waited until evening, but at dusk it was still over 80 degrees. I headed out reluctantly and quickly realized there was no way I could stick to marathon pace. After just a few miles, it became a real mental slog to keep going. I wished I had brought a podcast or something to just zone out.

I kept thinking about turning back, but somehow talked myself into running "just a little bit farther." I came up short and just couldn't fit that last .8 in. Oh well.

Total: 35.2 

One more week until wonderful, glorious taper, and 25 more days until the marathon!