Hillsborough Half Training: Week 6

Total weekly mileage

Planned: 19.2
Actual: 23.1

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.11.55 PM.png



Er...lowlights? This week was just hard. We had family in town staying at our (teensy tiny) house. The baby was home from daycare for summer break, but we both still had to work. James and I are both under crazy deadlines right now. Running felt like "one more task I have to do before I can relax and go to bed." Lame. Plus, we're going on vacation next week so I swapped this week's runs for next week (so I don't have to run 12 miles when I'd rather be drinking a bloody mary on the beach), and I think that might have been a mistake. My body really wanted the cutback week. But! I did wind up getting it done, so I am going to totally savor my vacation now. 

This week's workout: 40min tempo

Ugh. This was a whole mess. It was just one of those days where I had already pushed it back twice but I STILL didn't feel like doing it. Then I dragged myself out but my iPod died in the first half mile (I don't always run with it but I do love to have it for workouts..), plus, it was just a hot sunny humid day. After warming up I did one tempo mile and decided to scratch the workout. Yeah, it stinks but I was completely over it that day. 

Long run: 12 miles

I waited until the last possible minute (Sunday night after bedtime) AND I had a glass of rosé just before leaving (dumb, but oh well) but I got it done! I ran 10 of these 12 miles on the treadmill - too hot/humid, even after the sun went down. I started with a three mile warmup, then threw in the 40 minute tempo I had scratched a few days ago. I've never done tempo miles in the middle of a long run before and I was totally exhausted by the end, but I still had three more to do as a cool-down. Although my legs feel beat up, overall it was great. It helped me focus and the miles obviously clicked off a lot faster than they would have otherwise.

40 minutes worked out to about 5 miles in ~8:25 pace. Seems ridiculously slow but I was working hard. I'm trying to be patient and not think about any goals or hopes/dreams/etc until taper time.


Still haven't gotten more gels - Ate a handful of crackers before this run. Terrible. Don't recommend.

Next up: Cutback week! Vacation! Finally!

Hillsborough Half Training: Week 5

Total weekly mileage

Planned: 22
Actual: 22.3

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.12.51 PM.png


This was the perfect running week: Two chill easy runs with my dog; one fast run, one long run. But this week things got tough. The first stage of training, when it's easy to be motivated and excited about each week, is definitely over. Now the hard work starts.

This week's workout: 7x400 @ 5k pace

This plan has so many 400m repeats! They are super fun AND I found the perfect spot to do them. I warm up on the way from my house to a park, then use the park as my starting spot for the repeats. There's a water fountain there so every other repeat I drink water, without having to carry it on me. These felt so much easier than the last time I did 400s: 1:54, 1:57, 1:51, 1:53, 1:48, 1:49, 1:50 (pace range 7:12 - 7:50)



Long run: 11 miles

I did some shuffling to get my long run out of the way on Saturday night. Poor planning (or just having no time HA) struck again: I dug up one lemon-lime Gu from like 2 years ago and took it about 45 minutes in. It was so foul; it was definitely expired.

I took a hilly route and finished in exactly 1:50, a 10:00 pace, a nice chill two hours.


  • Buy some more damned gels!