I'm a recent-ish transplant to Durham, North Carolina. For the standard educational, professional, and romantic reasons I've also lived in: St. Louis, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Chicago. 

I'm a data scientist, so I spend my days indoors staring at a computer. To cheer myself up, I started this blog to document my outside time and to record my training for my first marathon -- NYC 2013.

I was by no means a runner in high school or college. I usually grumbled and jogged halfheartedly in the back of the pack during the mile run test. I grew up riding horses, competed on my college team, and spent my early twenties trying to make that happen via a sort of naive strategy: grooming and exercise riding for pros in Florida and New Jersey. I started running to fill the vacuum left by riding after I quit for good and moved to New York for graduate school.

Likes: bleu cheese, breakfast, Jack Russells, juice, messy hair, mustard, pickles, reading, rooftop drinking, strangers, vegetables.

Dislikes: articles that claim "big data" is the "sexiest job of the century" (I assure you, it is not.)